The Silhouette machine is not generally a quiet machine during operation. Unless you are experiencing universal cutting issues where cuts appear to be off, the noises you are hearing are likely normal.

Checking for Packing Tape

If your Silhouette machine is brand new, you may need to inspect it to ensure all tape has been removed and the blade carriage is properly aligned.

To check for this issue:

  1. Lift the machine lid
  2. Look for and remove any tape found that is connecting the motor to the side of the unit, or any other packing tape that is still in place
    NOTE: If all packing tape is not removed, this can cause troubling sounds when the Silhouette is powered on. If the tape had been left on, rest assured that damage was not likely experienced, even though the noises heard would be atypical. You can simply remove any tape that is still present and power the Silhouette machine back on.

Checking the Blade Carriage

The machine noise can also be louder if the machine carriage is either off track, or the plastic cover is not securely fastened.

To check for these issues:

  1. Power the machine off 
  2. Manually push the motor all the way to the left of the machine, then all the way to the right to confirm the blade carriage moves smoothly
  3. Turn the machine back on
    NOTE: Once turned on, the motor will travel back into place and should be ready to cut normally as before
  4. Check the cover on the machine carriage by pushing it down and back:

You can also see this action in the video below:

Continued Noise

The Silhouette machine may continue to be louder under the following conditions:

  • The speed setting is low
  • The Silhouette machine is seated on a hard surface
    NOTE: You may be able to place a gel surface material (i.e. a mousepad) under the machine's feet. These actions should both help to further quiet the machine's operation.

If you have checked all the above points and still experience load noises during operation, the sounds you are hearing are likely normal. However, if desired, you can send a short video showing the current noise level to for review.