If you own an upgrade Edition of Silhouette Studio (Designer Edition, Designer Edition Plus, Business Edition) and have made some recent software change and are now missing your upgrade version, please review the information below.

Re-Apply Upgrade

Since the license key for your upgrade is already applied to your account, you can do the following to unlock it now:
  1. Open Silhouette Studio
    IMPORTANT: You will need to update the Silhouette Studio software in order for these steps to work properly
  2. Go to the 'Help' menu
  3. Click on "Apply Upgrade Edition"
  4. Enter your Silhouette account with your email address and password
  5. Click on the 'Activate' button

License Key Management

From now on, you will no longer need to enter your license key code whenever you want to use a new computer or experience a computer crash. 

The latest software version will automatically pull your license key from your Silhouette account. You will no longer need to have your license key reset under the new system.

You will be able to continue to use your upgrade version on up to three personal devices concurrently. If you exceed the allowed concurrent usage on multiple devices, the system will automatically remove the upgrade from older devices on your account.

Maximum Devices Issue

If you have followed all steps above, but encounter the following error message ('... maximum number of active devices for this account has been reached.'), this indicates you have reached the maximum number of available active devices for your account. 

You will need to manage your devices to free up a device space on your Silhouette account.