The Club Silhouette membership program offers a free 30-day trial period.

Accessible perks during the trial membership period are as follows:

  • Immediate Club Membership 10% off discount for orders from
  • Immediate access to free shipping on orders over $50 from
  • Begin earning Club Silhouette Points for every $10 spent at
  • One month of 10 exclusive Club Silhouette digital designs delivered directly to your Silhouette library

NOTE: Free product shipments of a blade and mat begin after the 3rd month of membership.

Starting Your Trial

Click here to start your free trial now.

Canceling Your Trial

Club membership must be discontinued before the free trial period ends. Otherwise, you will be charged a monthly Club Silhouette membership fee and continue to have access to all Club Silhouette perks.

Reinstating the Trial Period

Once ended, the Free Trial cannot be reinstated, even if canceled in error. You may not use this 30-day trial more than once.

You can, however, sign up for a paid Club Silhouette membership again at any time.

Terms & Conditions

Click here for Club Silhouette membership Terms & Conditions.