Silhouette works with a variety of companies and individual artists who contribute digital content to the Silhouette Design Store

These artists create original designs and fonts that are submitted to the Design Store. This provides Silhouette customers with a broader variety of styles and design subjects that they can choose to purchase for use with a Silhouette cutting machine (or other purposes in the case of non-STUDIO format files that can be used in other applications).

Aside from some basic information about you and your company, you will be required to provide the following for consideration:

  1. Your portfolio (your own website, social media presence, other e-commerce sites carrying your artwork)
  2. A bit about you and why you feel you'd be a good fit for the Silhouette Design Store
  3. Five (5) images showing a sampling of your artwork
    NOTE: These should be graphic design files (JPG or PNG) showing how the finished design would appear when assembled, or an actual photo of an assembled project if it is a 3-dimensional design.

Click here to apply now to become a Silhouette Design Store Artist.