The Silhouette Cameo® is a roll-through desktop cutting machine. The Cameo comes in 12-inch, 15-inch (Plus), and 24-inch (Pro) width options.

The Cameo allows you to cut materials with incredible precision. With its features and speed, the Cameo is a powerhouse cutting machine that unlocks the ability to create amazing custom projects. 

Cameo Features

The Cameo includes the following features:

  • Perfect Cutting Width for Standard Materials 
    The Cameo has an adjustable cutting width. This allows you to use most common material sizes, such as 8.5 inch x 11 inch (Letter), A4 materials and 12 x 12 inch materials.
  • Matless Cutting Options 
    Bypass cutting mats when cutting rolled materials, such as vinyl and heat transfer, and cut up to 10 feet. Or cut select paper and cardstock materials using the new "Pop-out Cut" feature. Click here to learn more about matless cutting features.
  • Raised Materials Clearance 
    The Cameo has a height clearance of up to 3 mm.
  • Auto Tool Detection 
    Automatic tool detection updates the software automatically to select the blade or tool that is loaded in the machine.
  • Faster AutoBlade Adjustment 
    The machine's single-tap system resets the blade to help decrease the job's start up time. 
  • Built-In Roll Feeder & Cross Cutter
    The roll feeder can hold rolled materials, such as vinyl and heat transfer materials so you can cut longer jobs without having to cut your material down.
  • Easy Touch Buttons
    The Cameo has a back-lit feather-touch panel that allows you to easily load and unload materials with a light tap.
  • Print & Cut 
    Use registration marks to cut out around the contour of printed designs. Click here to learn more about the Print & Cut feature.
  • USB & Bluetooth Connectivity Options 
    The Cameo can either hook up to your computer via USB, or use a Bluetooth connection to send jobs to the machine.

Registration & Resources

Machine registration will provide you with the following:

  • FREE design content exclusive to the machine model
  • FREE 1-month Silhouette Design Store trial subscription ($25 value)
  • Access to additional notifications for product alerts
  • Machine Warranty activation

The machine registration page contains a setup video, resource links, and access to machine manuals. You can return to this page anytime to access this information for your machine.