It is critical to load the blade or other tool properly into the Silhouette cutting machine.

Loading the Blade

When using the AutoBlade, you do not have to manually set the blade level. This will be done by the machine based on the Blade setting selected in the software. 

Unless you are using an AutoBlade, all other blade tools are considered 'Manual'. If using a Manual Blade type, you will need to first adjust the blade setting prior to loading it in the machine.

Once your blade is ready, load it by dropping it into the blade holder in the machine with the blade pointing down and the flat edge of the blade housing facing toward the back of the machine. Make sure to push the blade all the way down before locking it into place. You may want to hold the blade lock with one hand while pushing the blade down with your other hand in order to make sure it’s seated all the way down. Once seated in the machine, lock the blade by pressing the lock lever inward.

Common Loading Issues

Some users encounter issues because the blade is not loaded properly. This can include the following errors:

  • Loading the blade into the machine upside down (so that the tip is pointing upward)

  • Not locking the blade into place

  • Locking the blade into place before it is seated all the way down into the blade slot

These actions can cause the machine to cut poorly or to not cut at all.

Blade Loading Video

The video below shows an example of the proper blade loading technique.