Silhouette offers a variety of blades for different material types, including the following: 

Blade Compatibility

Click here for a compatibility chart showing which blades work with which machine models.

Blade Lifespan

The lifespan of the blade depends on a variety of factors, including:

1. Frequency of use / Overall line length traveled / Intricacy of designs

The more the blade is used, the more it will wear down. Detailed designs where the blade turns multiple corners sharply can sometimes wear down the blade more quickly. 

2. Material type

Some materials will wear the blade down much more quickly than others, especially those that are thicker or denser. 

Attempts to cut certain materials that are not designed to be cut or which are dense can dull or ruin the blade very quickly. Some specialty materials that contain foreign objects embedded in the material (i.e. certain glitter cardstock materials with hard glitter chunks) can immediately impair the blade. 

3. Cut Settings in use

Incorrect cut settings, especially those where the Blade and/or Force setting is higher than necessary, can unnecessarily wear the blade down more quickly.

Taking all of these variables into account, it is difficult to truly generalize the expected lifespan of any blade. Some blades can wear down within a few jobs while others can be used for quite some time. If cutting non-abrasive materials (such as vinyl, HTV, or other films), the blade may be expected to last up to 6 months. Paper and cardstock materials can be harsher on sharp edges and may lead to a lower expected lifespan.

Blade Replacement

The blade should be replaced once you are unable to successfully cut through materials that have been known to previously cut without concern. 

Replacement blades are available for purchase.