Most Silhouette blades have settings to expose more or less of the blade tip. If you encounter concerns with being able to adjust the blade to a specific setting, please review the information below for your blade type.


If you are experiencing issues with your AutoBlade adjusting properly automatically: 

  1. Remove the AutoBlade from the machine
  2. Hold the Autoblade in one hand with the blade pointing up
  3. With your free hand, turn the white cap on the top of the blade clockwise.
    NOTE: You can use the Blade Adjustment Tool included with your machine, or insert your fingernails into the notches of the cap and push or pull in the appropriate direction
  4. Ensure that the cap is secure. While the white cap should be secure, refrain from over-tightening.
  • Manually adjust the AutoBlade to make sure it can be adjusted properly by doing the following:
  1. Turn the AutoBlade so you can see the red line on the face of the blade
  2. Press down on the cap firmly, making sure to avoid pressing down on the blade itself
  3. Press down until the cap is thoroughly depressed, and then release.
    NOTE: You should see the red line on the face of the blade move as you depress the cap
  4. Perform this action several times, verifying each time the red line ticks up to the next blade depth

These actions should ensure that your AutoBlade is properly set up.

Other Blade Types

If you are experiencing issues with another blade type adjusting properly and the blade was previously working, then this concern is likely the result of dialing the blade beyond the intended range (below the '0' or above the '10' mark). If the blade is dialed beyond the intended lowest or highest mark, it can then appear to get stuck and not turn freely anymore. 

If this is the case and your blade is at a setting near the lowest or highest setting, attempt to turn the blade back beyond the lowest or highest setting.


Example: If the blade setting appears to be on a higher setting (such as 9 or 10), turn the blade from the 10 mark directly to the 1 mark. If the blade setting appears to be on a lower setting (such as 1 or 2), turn the blade from the 1 mark directly to the 10 mark.

Turning the blade in this manner may take some force. However, once the blade is back in the proper range, it should turn more freely.