The Silhouette Rotary Blade is exclusively available for the Cameo 4 model only.


The Rotary Blade cuts by rolling a circular blade across your material, rather than dragging a traditional knife-like blade. This enables the Silhouette machine to cut a variety of specialty material — including cotton fabrics, leather, felt, wool, and more — without a special stabilizer backing

The Strong Tack Cutting Mat may be recommended for use with some materials when using the Rotary Blade.

Technical Specifications

Blade Material: Tungsten Alloy (High-performance)

Adjustment Method: None 

Blade Length Range: up to 1 mm

Rotary Blade Video 

Finding Cut Settings

Always use pre-created settings found in the Silhouette Studio software if the material type is listed. 

If the material is not already found in the materials list in the software, do the following to test and create custom settings:

1. Turn the cap clock wise until the blade is fully revealed
2. Start with a 'Force' setting of 10 and perform a test cut
3. Adjust the Force up in increments of 3 if the material is not cut through OR decrease the force by 3 if the blade cuts too deep and perform a new test cut
IMPORTANT: If the machine makes a grinding sound when cutting, this indicates the Force setting is too high
3. Continue to adjust the 'Force' setting in this manner until the desired cut is achieved.

If the material is being cut through but the edges aren't as clean as desired, lower the Force setting by 5 and increase the number of Passes in the software by one. This will usually help to clean up the edges for some material types.

Rotary Blade Guide

Click here for a written guide on using the Rotary Blade.