The Silhouette Design Store offers several monthly subscription options

Silhouette Design Store Subscriptions provide download credits that are automatically added to your account balance each month. These credits can be used to purchase any digital content offered in the Silhouette Design Store. 

Subscription Credits

Subscription credits are allotted monthly. Each set of credits is valid for 60 days from the date of allotment

Subscription credits are only valid during the term of an active subscription. If you have unused subscription credits when your subscription ends, you can renew or sign up for a new subscription level to regain access to those credits, if they are still within the 60-day allotment period.

Subscription Levels & Pricing

Click here for information on pricing and credit amounts for each subscription level.

Subscription Benefits

Subscriptions include the following benefits:

  • Monthly credit allotment to spend at the Silhouette Design Store
  • Additional discounts to purchases made after your monthly credits have been spent*. 
  • 5GB of user-design space for syncing personal designs in your software library

* Only with Deluxe level or higher. With the Deluxe level or higher, additional content may be purchased at 25% off the normal rate. With the Premium level or higher, additional content may be purchased at 50% off the normal rate.

Subscription Terms of Service

Terms of Service may be found at: