There are thousands of different designs and other digital content offerings in the Silhouette Design Store. These designs are categorized into one of several different content types. You can use the File Type Filter to look for a specific design type. 

A small icon will be displayed underneath the thumbnail image (next to the 'Add to Cart' and 'Favorite' icons) indicating what type of content it is.

Content Icons

Regular Cut  (no icon)

These designs have cut lines only and may open with or without color included.

Print & Cut (square with letter P inside)

These are designed to be printed from your home printer and then cut with your Silhouette cutting machine. Registration marks are required in the software to establish an accurate cutting position. 

3D Crafts (cube icon) 

These are designed to be cut and then assembled to resemble the thumbnail image.

Fonts (Aa icon

These are installed on your computer directly and downloaded to your Silhouette Studio library. Font files are in TTF and/or OTF format.

Printable patterns (diamond pattern square

These can be used to create printed shape fills or to print your own sheets of patterned paper.

Sketch (pencil icon) 

These are designed to draw the design with sketch pens.

Rhinestone (diamond icon

These images are used to make rhinestone templates.  The Silhouette machine cuts a series of small circles creating a pattern into which rhinestones can be placed before being transferred onto a rhinestone project.


Ready, Set, Make offerings in our Projects section will include project ideas, design files, and instructions. 
NOTE: If you already own one or more of the designs included, the price will be reduced to reflect the cost for only those you don't own