Free Designs Section

A Free Designs section is available in the Silhouette Design Store

Some designs are free to download without any additional action required. 

Free With Purchase

Some designs in the "Free" section are marked as "Free with purchase":

You will need to click on the design to view the purchase requirement (located below the listed price).

In this example, you would need to add any one design from the artist Silhouette into your shopping cart to be purchased in the same transaction. The design above would then be free once the requirement has been met.

Free Shape of the Week

A new Free Shape of the Week is offered each Tuesday in the Silhouette Design Store.

These shapes are only offered as a free download for the week in question. Once the week is ended, the design is rolled into our regular paid offerings. We are unable to provide any previous 'Free Shape of the Week' offerings for free once the week in question has ended. 

Be sure to continue to visit the Silhouette Design Store each week to obtain the new 'Free Shape of the Week'.