An SVG file is a popular vector image file type. Vector files include line information that can be read by Silhouette Studio Designer Edition and above.

SVG File Option

All designs from the Silhouette Design Store are available in Silhouette Studio format (STUDIO or STUDIO3). Some designs also provide an SVG file option. 

If the option to add an SVG file is displayed, you can check the box to add the SVG file to your purchase. Please note that the price will increase with the additional file type.

If desired, you can adjust your Silhouette Design Store account settings by checking the box labeled "Automatically download a copy of my purchases to my hard disk". This option will automatically downloads a compressed version (zip file) of all of your purchases so you can find your SVG files immediately after purchase.

While the STUDIO/STUDIO3 files are stored in your Silhouette Studio Library and can be used with the Silhouette Studio software, SVG files can be opened from any location where your file is saved through the software's 'Open' option (Designer Edition and above only).

SVG files obtained from the Silhouette Design Store can be used with other select crafting and/or designing software programs compatible with SVG files.

Upgrading Purchase with SVG File

If you already purchased a design, but did not purchase the SVG file option originally, you can always go back and purchase the SVG file as well. You will only be charged for the difference of the newly added file type. 

To upgrade to include the SVG file after purchase:

  1. Go to the Silhouette Design Store
  2. Log in to your user account
  3. Locate and click on the design in question
  4. On the design pop-up page, select the SVG checkbox under the 'File Type' section
  5. Click on the Cart icon and proceed to check out

Re-Downloading SVG Files

If you would like to re-download a copy of an SVG file you have already purchased:

  1. Go to your Silhouette Design Store Order History page
  2. Log in to your user account, if prompted
  3. Locate and select the desired order containing the design OR you can search for the design with the Search feature and click on it once found
  4. Once you have selected the design and are on the design pop-up screen, click on the Download option