The Silhouette Design Store accepts the following payment types:

  • Major Credit Card 
    You can use any major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover) to make individual download purchases, or to pay for subscription payments (month-to-month or upfront payments).
  • PayPal 
    You can use a PayPal account to make individual download purchases or to pay for subscription payments (month-to-month or upfront payments).
  • AmazonPay 
    You can use an AmazonPay account to complete transactions for individual download purchases and up-front subscription payments. 

    NOTE: While you can use AmazonPay to purchase a subscription with the upfront payment option, this is not available to use for month-to-month subscription payments.
  • Silhouette Download Card or Credit Boost Credits 
    You can apply a Download Card onto your account to obtain credit on your Silhouette account. If a Credit Boost is purchased, the credits are added automatically upon purchase. This credit type does not expire once applied to your account, and can be used at any time toward individual download purchases. 

    NOTE: Credit from Download Cards cannot be used toward subscriptions.
  • Subscription Credits 
    If a subscription is purchased, a monthly subscription credit will be added to your balance automatically. This credit will expire after 60 days, if unused, and requires an active subscription to remain available for that time frame. 

    NOTE: If multiple credit types are found in the balance, expiring credits will be used first.