You can apply codes to your Silhouette account from 'Download Cards' purchased from an Authorized Retailer for Silhouette Design Store credit, or special codes for exclusive content from Starter Kits or other select promotional offerings.

Redeeming Code

To redeem your code:

  1. Go to the 'Redeem' tab on your Silhouette account
  2. Sign in, if prompted
  3. Enter your 16-digit code into the box under the 'Redeem a Code' section

  4. Click 'Redeem Code'

Available credit or exclusive content will be added to your account immediately. 

Finding Your Credit

If the code is for credit, you can view your credit history for your Silhouette account in the 'Credits & Subscriptions' tab of your account

You will also see your 'Credit Balance' amount displayed by hovering over your user avatar on the Silhouette Design Store.

Finding Your Content

If the code is for exclusive content, you can find a reference for your new content in the 'Orders' tab of your account

The content will also be waiting in your Silhouette library, accessed through the Silhouette Studio software program.