Aside from using a common major payment form (credit card, PayPal, Amazon Pay), Silhouette Design Store Credit can be purchased to buy download content from the Silhouette Design Store. 

Design Store Credit Types

Design Store Credit can be obtained from one of the following:

Subscription Credit

Subscriptions provide monthly credit at a discounted rate. For example, the Basic level subscription is $9.99 per month and gives you $25 in subscription credit each month. As this is a discounted membership, Subscription credits will expire after 60 days of the issue date. 

Credit from Subscriptions can only be used during the course of an active subscription.

Credit Boost & Download Card Credit

Credit from Credit Boosts and Download Cards do not expire. All credit from Credit Boosts and Download Cards added to your account will remain on your account until spent.

If you have both Subscription credit and other credit from a Credit Boost or Download Card, our system will automatically pull from your oldest Subscription credits first. Once Subscriptoin credit is depleted, other avaiblle credit is then used.

NOTE: All digitial content purchased from the Silhouette Design Store, regardless of purchase method, is yours to keep indefinitely. A subscription is not required to access or use content that has already been purchased.