'Express Checkout' is a feature that allows you to purchase and add designs from the Silhouette Design Store to your Silhouette Library instantly.

Using Credit on Account

Clicking on the Express Checkout button will ask if you want to immediately purchase the design without needing to go through the checkout experience.

If you have Design Store credit available, the Express Checkout will provide the option to 'Proceed'. 

Once you proceed, the cost is immediately deducted from your account credits, and the design will immediately be added to your Silhouette library.

Design Store credit is added to your account each month if you have a subscription to the Silhouette Design Store, or you can purchase a Credit Boost in order to add credit to your account. 

No Credit on Account?

The Express Checkout feature can only be used if there are sufficient credits to cover the order. If the cost of the design exceeds your available credit, you can add additional credit by upgrading your subscription or purchasing a Credit Boost.

Or, you can of course always proceed to your cart to checkout and use another payment option (e.g. credit card or PayPal).