You can use the 'Pen Holder' adapter with your Silhouette cutting machine to use a range of common pen types, from a thinner standard ball-point pen to a thicker felt-tip marker. 

Pen Holder Types

There are two Pen Holder options available for Silhouette cutting machines.

Pen Holder (Type A)

The 'Type A' version is compatible with the following older cutting machine models:

  • Cameo 3 and older
  • Portrait 2 and older
  • Curio

Pen Holder (Type B)

The 'Type' B version is compatible with the following newer cutting machine models:

  • Cameo 4 series and newer
  • Portrait 3 and newer

NOTE: Both versions function the same way. The difference between these options is the tool body shape so it can fit into the machine directly without needing any additional adapters.

Compatible Pen Types

The Pen Holder is compatible with a range of smaller pens, such as standard cylindrical and hexagonal shaped pens, up to a basic-sized felt-tip pen type.

There are 3 pen size adapters (or collets) included with the Pen Holder:




Setting Up Pen Holder

To use the Pen Holder:

  1. Remove the cap from your pen
  2. Slide the correct pen size adapter onto the body of the pen
  3. Place the pen with the size adapter into the main Pen Holder body
  4. Push the pen all the way down so that the tip is pushed through the opening
  5. Place the guide cap onto the Pen Holder tip gently and push the pen tip back in until the guide cap is fully in place
    NOTE: This action makes sure that the distance your pen is protruding is exactly correct for use with your Silhouette machine
  6. Screw the pen size adapter tightly into the body of the Pen Holder
  7. Remove the guide cap
  8. Place the Pen Holder directly into your Silhouette machine, making sure to push it all the way down into the chamber prior to locking it into place in the machine

Videos are provided below so you can see this process in action.

Sketch Pen Videos