Silhouette cutting machines can be used to cut out templates for glass etching projects.

NOTE: Glass etching effects are permanent and cannot be scraped off or washed away. If you are looking to create a similar temporary effect on a glass surface, you can use Frosted Vinyl instead.

Creating Glass Etching Projects

Warning: Etching cream not intended for use by children. Product will burn skin if contacted directly. Rubber gloves recommended when using to avoid direct skin contact.

To create glass etching projects with a Silhouette machine:

  1. Open Silhouette Studio

  2. Create your stencil project
    NOTE: Remember that when creating your stencil project, you are going to weed away the design rather than the excess material. Because of this, you'll want to center your project in your workspace so you have enough area around the edges of the design to protect the glass (or similar surface material) from etching material spreading beyond the intended design area.
  3. Cut your design out of Stencil Vinyl
  4. Weed away the design from the material (rather than weeding away the excess material as you normally would with other vinyl material jobs). This will create the stencil for your project. 
  5. Apply the stencil vinyl onto your project surface

    IMPORTANT: If there is not enough vinyl material padding the edges of your design, you may need to add masking tape to extend and protect the glass surface areas that could be otherwise touched by etching cream.
  6. Put on protective gloves
  7. Stir your Etching Cream with a popsicle stick (or similar)
    CAUTION: Do not use a metallic instrument to stir the etching cream
  8. Apply etching cream onto the project surface
  9. Allow to sit for 1 to 5 minutes, depending on the level of etching desired
    NOTE: Shorter set times will provide a finer, more subtle etching effect. Longer set times may provide a more pronounced etching effect.
  10. Remove etching cream from project surface
  11. Gently wipe glass with a paper towel and move to a sink to rinse off the rmaining etching cream
  12. Remove your gloves
  13. Remove the stencil material and any additional tape that was applied
  14. Wipe the resulting project surface with glass cleaner, as desired
  15. Enjoy your project!

You can also download the free Silhouette 101 eBook 'Guide to Glass Etching' for full instructions.

Glass Etching Products

Silhouette offers a Glass Etching Starter Kit, which includes all of the components necessary (aside from a Silhouette cutting machine) to create etched projects with glass, mirrors, or other similar surfaces such as glass cookware.

You can also obtain additional Etching Cream and additional Stencil Vinyl to continue to create additional etching projects.

Glass Etching Video