Silhouette Ratchet Blades can be used with most cutting machine models. 

Newer cutting machine models (from the Portrait 3 and Cameo 4 forward) require a Tool Adapter to use this older blade type. Manual Blades are recommend instead for use with these newer models.

See the tools compatibility chart for further information on machine model compatibility.

Adjusting the Blade

Standard Blades can be adjusted in the following ways:

  • Use a plastic 'jig' piece (included with some older blade offerings)
  • Use a Blade Adjustment Tool (included with newer cutting machine models, or available for purchase)
  • Use the adjustment slot found on the left-hand side of all cutting machine models

This provides you with the ability to fine-tune your blade to a specific length according to your material type. 

Technical Specifications

Blade Material: Tungsten Alloy

Adjustment Method: Manual Ratchet Action

Blade Length Range: up to 1 mm

Ratchet Blade Video