Silhouette roll-through cutting machines can cut various rolled materials, such as vinyl and heat transfer material.

In order to facilitate cutting rolled materials, a Roll Feeder accessory is offered for roll-through cutting machine models.

The Roll Feeder holds rolled materials in place during the cutting process so that the material roll can spin in place while material is fed in and out of the machine.

This accessory is not powered. It is used by mechanical action only.

Sizing & Compatibility

The Roll Feeder accessory can be connected to and used with the following Silhouette cutting machine models:

  • Portrait 1, 2, and 3
  • Cameo 1, 2, and 3
  • Silhouette SD

The Roll Feeder works with roll widths of 9 to 12 inches.

The maximum core size is 3 inches. The maximum roll diameter is 4.5 inches.

Roll Feeder Video

Cameo 4 Series

The Roll Feeder does not connect to the Cameo 4 series as this series has its own built-in Roll Feeder device that can be pulled out when required.

See information about the Cameo 4 series models for more information.

Cameo 4 Roll Feeder Video