Subscription holders for DeluxePremium, or Diamond level subscriptions receive special pricing after subscription credits are exhausted. As a special perk for these subscription levels, additional downloads beyond your subscription credit amount may be purchased at 25% off (for Deluxe) or 50% off (for Premium/Diamond) the normal rate.

Once the subscription credit balance is brought to $0, OR our system determines that the items in your cart will bring your credit balance to $0, this perk will begin to reflect the special pricing. The designs that will be covered by subscription credits will be listed at full price in your cart, while additional designs will appear discounted.

If your cart total exceeds your subscription credit balance, additional designs as you browse the Silhouette Design Store will be listed at the discounted rate (25% or 50% off). As additional designs are added to your cart, our system will automatically determine which designs to discount in order to provide you with the greatest savings. This means that it is possible for one price to be displayed as you are browsing, but then may be changed as it is added to your cart. This is because our system has determined that the discount is better applied to a different design in your cart. 

Rest assured that our system will always apply the discount to your greatest advantage.