The Curio 2 cutting machine has two tray options to use as your cutting base. These two tray types are the Electrostatic Tray (or ES Tray)  and the Debris Tray. Selection is based on your target material and project type.

Electrostatic Tray

An Electrostatic Tray (highlighted in red below) is included as a standard cutting base with the purchase of a Curio 2. 

The ES Tray can be used with most materials and tools, except the Power Engraver

This tray is powered and can be turned on by the press of a button on the machine. Once powered on, wait for about 5 seconds for full grip strength (adsorption) after initially placing your material down.

When using the ES Tray, you must always either use a Protector Sheet or a Cutting Mat.

When using an ES Tray, the ordering of placing your material onto the Curio 2 cutting area is as follows:

TOP - Material

MIDDLE - Protector Sheet OR Cutting Mat


WARNING: Materials should NEVER be placed directly onto the ES Tray. Cutting into the ES Tray can immediately impair the proper operation of this component.

NOTE: Avoid using both a Protector Sheet and a Cutting Mat simultaneously. This setup can negatively impact the media thickness detection and/or weaken the grip strength (adsorption) on the material.

Debris Tray

The Debris Tray (highlighted in red below) is an optional accessory that can be purchased separately. 

This tray can replace the standard Electrostatic Tray. The Debris Tray is intended for use with material or substrate surfaces when power tools are in use -- such as using a Heat Pen to draw a design on a notebook cover or using a Power Engraver on a metallic material surface. The Debris Tray safeguards the cutting machine from dust and prevents potential damage to the ES Tray when using power tools.

This tray is not powered and has no natural grip. You will need to anchor materials onto the Debris Tray with the help of the provided tape.

When using a Debris Tray, the ordering of placing your material onto the Curio 2 cutting area is as follows:

TOP - Material

SIDES - Tape down (if needed for stabilization)

BOTTOM - Debris Tray

A Cutting Mat can also be used with the Debris Tray to help hold materials in place during the job. The mat can be held in place by using masking tape.