The Curio 2 model includes a Material Thickness Detection feature.

How It Works

This Curio 2 uses an optical sensor to detect the thickness of the material you place onto your workspace. This can be performed in one of two ways:

  1. Use the guided workflow in Silhouette Studio as you send your job to have the thickness checked automatically
  2. Manually detect the thickness of a material using the arrow keys and the 'Thickness Detection' button

Material Thickness Detection may be affected by uneven or shiny material surfaces. Before using this feature, please cover shiny surfaces with tape or another type of thin, matte surface. Always ensure your material is smooth and flat with no curves or bulges before sending your job.

In Silhouette Go, Media Thickness Detection is performed automatically unless you are using Foil or Glitter Vinyl. If you are using these materials, the manual Media Thickness Detection screens will appear at the appropriate point and guide you through the setup.