To load the Debris Tray onto the Curio 2:

  1. Unlock the tray lock clips found at the front of the machine on either side of the workspace
  2. Slide the Electrostatic Tray out by pulling the tray towards the front of the machine. 
  3. Store the Electrostatic Try away safely once removed
  4. Place the Debris Tray with the lip facing front and flat side up
  5. Holding the tray on the right/left sides, slide your fingers underneath until you can feel the guide rails on the Debris Tray
  6. Slide the guide rails into the guide slots on the machine
    NOTE: Be sure to hold the tray flat for proper guide rail alignment
  7. Slide the Tray toward the back of the machine. The tray will snap lightly when reaching the back. The front should be flush with the machine
  8. Lock the clips in place to keep the Tray securely fastened in the machine