The following Silhouette cutting machine models are Bluetooth® compatible:

  • Cameo 3
  • Cameo 4
  • Cameo 4 Plus
  • Cameo 4 Pro
  • Cameo 5
  • Cameo 5 Plus
  • Portrait 2
  • Portrait 3
  • Portrait 4
  • Curio 2

Bluetooth communication works to communicate with either Silhouette Studio (when using a computer or laptop with Bluetooth capability), or with the Silhouette Go mobile application (from a smart device).

Checking Computer/Device Compatibility

In order to use Bluetooth communication, your computer or device must have Bluetooth 4.0 support with an LMP of 6.0 or above

Click here to check your computer's Bluetooth specifications and ensure it will work with the Silhouette machine.

Computer Setup

Whereas some devices control Bluetooth connections from the device, when using Bluetooth with Silhouette Studio on a desktop, you will need to set up and/or verify the connection from your computer.

To set up your computer for proper Bluetooth communication:


  1. Click the Windows icon
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Devices
  4. Click "Bluetooth & other devices"
  5. In the Bluetooth Settings window, make sure the option "Allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC" is checked


  1. Check to make sure the Bluetooth symbol in the top right-hand corner of the macOS menu bar is active
  2. If Bluetooth is not active, click on the Bluetooth symbol to turn it on
  3. If the icon is not present, please click here for further information on checking to see if your computer is Bluetooth-enabled

You will need to ensure you are running the latest version of Silhouette Studio.

You may also wish to remove the USB cable connection from your Silhouette cutting machine when using Bluetooth. In some cases, this may be necessary to allow proper wireless communication.

Cutting Machine Setup

To ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your cutting machine:

Cameo 4 Series

  1. Power on your cutting machine
  2. Make sure the Bluetooth symbol button is dark blue, indicating Bluetooth is ON
  3. If it is not dark blue, tap the Bluetooth symbol button until it is dark blue

Portrait 2 & 3

  1. Power on your cutting machine
  2. Make sure the light next to the Bluetooth symbol button is ON
  3. If the light is not on, press the Bluetooth symbol button to turn it on

Cameo 3*

  1. Power on the Cameo 3
  2. Select the gear icon in the Upper Right of the touch-screen
  3. Scroll down using the down arrow
  4. Select the "Bluetooth®" option
  5. Select the "On" option
  6. Select the back arrow several times to return to the main loading screen

Bluetooth should then automatically scan and connect to your machine in the SEND panel of Silhouette Studio. Once a connection is established you will see that your machine is 'Ready' in the SEND panel.


* Please ensure that your Cameo 3 lists "Bluetooth® Included" on the machine packaging, rather than just "Bluetooth® Compatible". "Included" indicates that a Bluetooth adapter is installed in your Cameo. "Compatible" indicates there is a port for a Bluetooth adapter, but there is no Bluetooth adapter included. 

Checking Adapter Connection

If you have performed the above steps and confirmed compatibility, but Bluetooth is not connecting, you may need to check the Bluetooth adapter connection as follows:

  1. Find the Bluetooth panel on the bottom of the Silhouette machine (the panel has the word Bluetooth on it)
  2. Use a small Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screw on the panel
  3. Once the panel is opened, you will see a small Bluetooth adapter plugged into the machine
  4. Use the prongs on the Blade Adjustment Tool (received with your cutting machine) to unplug and remove the adapter
  5. Place the Bluetooth adapter back into the slot and push it in tightly
  6. Replace the Bluetooth panel and screw it into place