If the blade is not moving up and down (lowering and lifting) during the cutting process, please check the following.

Check Connection

Ensure that the original USB cord received with the machine is in use. 

Alternate USB cords may potentially cause concerns. For proper troubleshooting, you'll need to ensure you are using the USB cord that came with your machine.

Next, ensure that your USB cord is connected directly from the machine to a USB port on your computer. This issue may be encountered when the connection is being run through a USB hub or router.

Check Blade Movement

Once you have confirmed a direct USB connection, please do the following to ensure the blade holder moves freely.

IMPORTANT: Do not use these steps on chamber 2 of the Cameo 4 series machines. Chamber 2 on Cameo 4 series machines will not move up and down freely.

  1. Power off the Silhouette
  2. Remove the blade from the Silhouette
  3. Push down on the blade holder and release. It should move freely.
  4. Repeat this 2-3 times
  5. Grip the blade holder and wiggle it gently from side to side. Occasionally, the holder can get slightly jammed into the side of the carriage, preventing it from moving freely.