The machine's roller bar may encounter concerns with turning. This is usually accompanied by loud noise when the machine is attempting to operate. 

This issue may involve the top roller bar (visible) or the bottom roller bar (embedded in the machine base). 

Checking the Rollers

Verify your machine rollers can move freely by hand as follows:

  1. Power off the machine
  2. Ensure the roller bar lock lever (right side of the machine) is in the locked position to keep both bars locked together
  3. Place the open palms of both hands onto the top roller bar
  4. Push down slightly and move both hands forward
    NOTE: You may feel some resistance but the bars should be able to roll manually

Rollers Not Moving

If the roller bar does not move, this would indicate that there is an obstruction inside the machine.

This is usually caused by some foreign substance or material that has come into contact with the pinch rollers and been pulled down into the machine. For example, if you had used an adhesive other than the original adhesive that comes on the cutting mat, and the rollers touched this substance, it can be pulled down into the machine and cause issues. It can also be small parts of material that were not properly cleared from the cutting mat that were pulled down into the machine.

Increased Efforts

If the roller bar is not moving, repeat the steps listed above and apply more force to roller bar. 

Doing this can clear the obstruction and bring it to the surface. Additionally, you may turn the machine upside-down onto your lap or knee and continue to manually roll the bar. 

If you are able to see any adhesive material that is lodged between the bars, we recommend using a pair of tweezers to remove it.

Assistance Needed

If the roller bar moves freely by hand, but still does not move automatically when loading, contact for further assistance.