You can check the following if your material is drifting during the operation where the rollers appear to lose grip on the material.

Check the Material

Check the material to make sure the leading edge is cut straight. The leading edge of your material should be perpendicular to the sides. 

If the leading edge is not straight, the material may be fed into the machine at a slight (even unperceivable) angle. Even if the leading edge looks perfectly straight, it may be at a slight angle in relation to the sides of the material. 

If you have access to a paper trimmer, align the side of the material with the paper cutter and slice off the leading edge. This should provide a leading edge that is perpendicular to the sides of the material.

Check the Positioning

Ensure that both white pinch rollers are gripping the material evenly and firmly. 

When using the Cameo Pro model, ensure that your pinch roller position is aligned to the left of the edge of your material. If you attempt to align the pinch roller directly with the material's edge, it can more easily fall off the pinch roller as the material is fed back and forth through the machine. 

Moving the pinch roller position inward to the left of the material's right-side edge should ensure that the material is gripped well throughout the job. 

Check the Roller Lock Lever

Please make sure that the roller's Lock Lever is in the 'Locked' position so that the rollers are pressed down properly to grip the material on both sides.

Test the Material Track

Use the Test Cut or Feed arrows to run your material in and out of the Silhouette machine prior to the cut job as follows:

  1. Load your material into the machine
  2. Prior to sending the cut job, use the blade position arrows (on the machine or in Silhouette Studio's SEND panel) to feed the material into the machine
  3. Hold down the UP arrow so your material rolls into the machine for about the length of your intended job
    NOTE: This makes sure the material can pass through the machine properly without falling off track
  4. Once you reach the end of your desired length, use the DOWN arrow to feed the material back to the starting point
    IMPORTANT: Do NOT unload your material
  5. Proceed to cut your job