If there are concerns with the proper alignment during a secondary cutting pass when using the Passes feature, this usually indicates that the material is slipping during the cutting process.

Multiple passes are generally used with thicker material types. As material thickness increases, the rollers may not grip as firmly on the material's surface during the cutting operation.


The resulting misalignment can either be the result of the roller slipping off the material's surface OR a concern with the cutting mat not holding the material in place properly.

Improving Cutting Alignment

To improve your cutting alignment for jobs that require multiple passes:

  1. Open Silhouette Studio
  2. Go to the SEND panel
  3. Check the 'Track Enhancing' option
    NOTE: This feature will feed the material through the machine a few times prior to the cutting operation in order to create a "track" on the material so the machine's rollers can grab the material better.
  4. Turn the Speed setting down
    NOTE: This will slow down the cutting action which should further ensure the rollers are not slipping during the cutting operation.
  5. If using an older cutting mat, use a new cutting mat to ensure the material is being held down firmly and does not drift during the cutting operation