If the machine goes through and completes the entire cutting process where some parts of the design are not cut (not ragged or torn, but simply not cut at all) while other parts of the design are cut properly, this can be displayed in two ways:

  1. A specific side of every design regardless of placement is uncut
  2. A specific side of the mat or area of the mat is uncut

Issue on Side of Every Image

If one specific side of every image is not cut well or at all, the issue would likely be with the blade itself.

To resolve this, clean your blade as shown below:

With the blade cap off the blade, make sure the blade swivels or rotates freely. This can be done by carefully taking the blade and pressing the tip lightly onto a firm surface. Rotate the blade a full 360 degrees so that the blade can be confirmed to swivel all the way around. 

Swiveling the blade around manually should get it unstuck and back into proper working condition.

Issue on Side of Mat

If one specific side of the mat or an area of the mat is not cut well or at all, the issue is likely with the Cutting Mat or Cutting Strip

This type of issue may occur if the cutting mat is worn down or cut through the mat in or around the problem area. 

To resolve this:

  • Ensure your mat is clean
  • Ensure your mat has a strong enough adhesive to hold your material in place
  • Ensure there are no deep cuts that have gone all the way through the mat
  • Replace your cutting mat, if needed

Click here to purchase a replacement cutting mat, if needed.

The issue could alternately be caused by a problem with the cutting strip. This is the white or black strip adhered to the based of the machine behind the roller, along the path where the blade runs during operation.

If materials have been used without a cutting mat and the Blade or Force settings are too high, the cutting strip may have been damaged. This can impair cutting results in the area of the damage. 

Indentations on the strip are normal and will be experienced. The cutting strip will be naturally indented with the cutting process. Frayed or deep cuts, however, may indicate that the strip is damaged. The cutting strip typically doesn't need to be replaced unless it is affecting cutting results. 

Click here to purchase a replacement cutting strip, if needed.