NOTICE: Version 4.5.735 may cause this issue with some machines. If this was not an issue previously but is suddenly happening with all jobs, click here.

If you press Send and Silhouette Studio immediately displays that the job was 'Successful' but there was no machine movement, this typically indicates a concern with an imported design, and your job does not contain any actual cut lines

Checking for Cut Lines

If there is no cut information present in your design, or the lines are not set to be cut, then the software will not have anything to send to the machine, and it will display as having finished.


To check for the presence of cut lines:

  1. Go to the Send panel
  2. Click on your design in the preview area
  3. Note which 'Cut Style' is applied to the selected lines

Enabling Cut Lines

If your design was created with the Silhouette Studio, or you have imported a vector file type (i.e. STUDIO, SVG) from another source, you may need to enable the cut lines as follows:

  1. Go to the Send panel
  2. Click on your design in the preview area
  3. Select the 'Cut' option

Creating Cut Lines

If this was an imported raster image (i.e. JPG, PNG, BMP), using the above method will encounter unfavorable results, unless you want to only cut a square around the outside boundary of your imported image.

You can instead use the Trace feature to create cut lines.

NOTE: We discourage tracing copyrighted images that you do not explicitly own or have a commercial license for from the copyright holder.