If you press SEND to start a cut job, and Silhouette Studio immediately displays that the job was successful but there was no actual machine movement, this would typically indicate a concern with the file in use. 

Checking for Cut Lines

If there is no cut information present in your design, or the lines are not set to be cut, then the software will not have anything to send to the machine, and it will display as having finished. 

You can check for the presence of cut lines in your job by going to the SEND panel. From here, you can click on any design and see what Cut Style is applied to the lines, or if there are in fact any cut lines present at all if you are using an imported image.

Creating/Enabling Cut Lines

If you have imported a raster image (such as a JPG, PNG, or BMP file), the design would need to be traced to create cut lines. 

Visit http://www.silhouetteamerica.com/faq/solution/260 for further information on using the Trace feature to create cut lines.

In the case of SVG, STUDIO files (from the Silhouette Design Store), or other file types which should include cut lines, it is possible the designer did not enable the cut lines prior to exporting or saving the file. 

To correct this:

  • If you see cut lines on the image, select the design and go to the SEND menu. 
  • If No Cut is highlighted, with your design selected, it will confirm your lines are turned off. To turn them on, you can choose Cut or Cut Edge, with your design selected.
  • If the above actions don't activate the cut lines, right-click and Ungroup the image. If attempts to cut are successful from that point, and the design was purchased from the Silhouette Design Store, please report the image ID to support@silhouetteamerica.com so we can attempt to have the original image corrected.