If your job starts to cut at the top of the mat instead of on the material where you were expecting, this typically indicates a concern with the document setup in Silhouette Studio or the loading method selected on your Silhouette cutting machine.

Checking the Document Setup

To check your document setup:

  1. Open Silhouette Studio (make sure you are running the latest version)
  2. Click on the 'Page Setup' (the icon on the top right-hand side)
  3. Select your cutting mat type in the 'Cutting Mat' field
    NOTE: If you select 'None' but actually do use a mat, you will continue to experience this issue

Checking the Loading Method (Older Models Only)

All current cutting machine models determine how the machine is loaded from the software. If you are encountering a concern with the cut job starting above where it should when using a current cutting machine model, please re-check your settings as instructed above.

Select older cutting machine models provided alternative loading options that were controlled from the machine. 

If you are using one of the following models, please make sure that you are using the correct loading option for your job setup. Again, If you do not see your model listed here, then the software will automatically control the loading method for you based on your document settings.

Original Silhouette

Manually roll the cutting mat into the machine until the top edge of the cutting mat is aligned with the back of the cutting strip (so that the cutting strip is covered by the mat).

Silhouette SD

Press the right arrow until "Load w/Carrier" is displayed, then press the 'Enter' button.

Silhouette Portrait 1

Press the 'Load cutting mat' button.

Silhouette Cameo 1

Press the 'Up' arrow until "Load cutting mat" is selected.

Silhouette Cameo 2

Tap on the "Load Cutting Mat" option on the LCD screen.