Silhouette offers several cutting machine models in different sizes with varying capabilities. Information is found below to explain the difference in the models offered.

NOTE: The feature information listed below pertains to current machine models.

Cutting Machine Types

Silhouette offers two different types of precision-cutting machines: 

  • Roll-through 
  • Flat Bed

Roll-Through Models

Roll-through machines allow you to feed standard material types into the machine by having the machine rollers grab the edges of your material, or a cutting mat as required to use select materials. The materials roll back and forth through the machine as the design is cut. This machine type can be used to cut materials measuring just a few inches wide up to 24 inches with the largest roll-through model. This type of machine can accommodate a range of sizes and specialty materials that can be fed directly into the machine, such as vinyl and heat transfer material, and create longer projects of up to 10 feet in length.

Roll-through machines are currently offered in the following models:

Silhouette Cameo®

The Cameo is offered in a 12” width model (Cameo), a 15” width model (Cameo Plus), and a 24” width model (Cameo Pro).

The Cameo is perfect for DIY enthusiasts, hobbyists, and makers who want to create larger-scale projects.

In addition to this machine’s size advantage, the Cameo line offers the following features:

Silhouette Portrait®

The Portrait is offered as an A4/Letter size (8.5 inch) width model. 

Weighing in at just over 3 pounds, the Portrait is the perfect portable desktop cutting machine that can move around with you. Its cutting width allows you to use standard material sizes without having to convert your materials or be limited to special-sized materials.

The Portrait is perfect for students, crafters on the go, or just those looking to start their journey with precision cutting machines.

In addition to this machine’s small footprint and portability advantage, the Portrait offers the following features:

Flatbed Model


Flatbed machines allow you to place your materials in specific fixed areas allowing you to process precision projects with select powered tools and methods roll-through models cannot perform. Many special tools are used to take action on the surface of materials (i.e. Heat Pen to transfer heat foil onto the project surface, Power Engraver to create engraved patterns on metallic surfaces, etc.). This opens the door to working with additional specialty material types and performing additional actions on the material surface, such as embossing or etching. The workspace size is, however, fixed at 12 x 12 inches.

The only flatbed machine model is the Curio.

Silhouette Curio™

The Curio is perfect for tinkers and DIY explorers who want to create specialty projects.

In addition to this machine’s additional project type advantage, the Curio line offers the following features:

  • True moving Y-bar
  • 20 mm material height clearance
  • Electrostatic tray to hold materials via static electric adsorption (instead of adhesive cutting mat)
  • Ability to emboss (embossing tools sold separately)   
  • Ability to use Silhouette power tools
  • USB and Bluetooth® connectivity options
  • Optic scanner for Print & Cut registration alignment