A license key purchase is required to use Silhouette Connect.

Purchasing License Key

Click here to purchase a Silhouette Connect license key.

Activating License Key

To activate your Silhouette Connect license key:

  1. Download and install the Silhouette Connect
  2. Open Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW
  3. Go to File > Silhouette Connect > Send to Silhouette Connect
  4. Set up and go to send your job
  5. Enter your license key and Silhouette account information once prompted

Deactivating License Key

To remove a Silhouette Connect license key from your computer:

  1. Open Silhouette Connect
    • Mac: Open from the Applications menu
    • Windows/PC: Navigate to C: > Program Files (x86) > Silhouette America> Silhouette Connect > Silhouette Connect.exe
  2. Select the Help menu
  3. Select the option to De-activate License Key
  4. Enter the email address and password associated with your Silhouette account
  5. Click on Submit