Silhouette Go™ is a mobile application for use with Bluetooth-enabled Silhouette cutting machines. 


Silhouette Go is compatible with Android and iPhone/iPad devices only. It is compatible with the following Bluetooth-enabled Silhouette machine models:

  • Cameo 3
  • Cameo 4
  • Cameo 4 Plus
  • Cameo 4 Pro
  • Cameo 5
  • Cameo 5 Plus 
  • Curio 2
  • Portrait 2
  • Portrait 3
  • Portrait 4


Silhouette Go offers the following features:

  • Simple Flow
    Silhouette Go makes selecting and cutting your jobs easier than ever by walking you through each step. Simply open the application on your mobile device, select your design, select your cut settings, and send the job to your Silhouette machine. 
  • Simple Tools
    Silhouette Go allows you to resize, rotate, ungroup, and duplicate designs. You can also of course, select your material and cutting mat size along with your cut settings.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
    Quickly and easily select designs from your Silhouette Library and send them to a Silhouette cutting machine using a Bluetooth connection.
  • Access Your Library
    Anything you've downloaded from the Silhouette Design Store or synced from Silhouette Studio will show up ready to use. This includes any of your own user-created files that you've saved to the library and synced.
  • Open SVG Files
    Silhouette Go gives you the option to open your own SVG files from your phone's storage directly into the app for use.
  • Print & Cut
    Send print jobs to your printer and then cut them out using your Silhouette cutting machine, all from your mobile device.

Application Flow

  1. Sign In
    Sign in to your Silhouette account. If you don’t have a Silhouette account, you can create one or select 'Use Offline'. If you select 'Use Offline', you will only have access to the 15 free offline designs provided by the application
  2. Select a Design
    Tap a design in the Library to select it. You can use the search function to find specific designs in your Library.
  3. Arrange the Design
    Select the media size and cutting mat you’ll be using, and arrange the design exactly as you’d like it to be cut.
  4. Select Job Settings
    Select your Material type and then choose your Action and Tool settings. To test the settings, press the Test Cut link (optional), and then continue to 'Action Preview' to see how the design will be cut.
  5. Test or Modify Settings (optional)
    Follow the steps to modify your settings, save new custom settings, and perform a test cut, as needed.
  6. Action Preview
    Preview how your design will cut on this screen. You can tap or drag select parts of the design and select Cut, Cut Edge, or No Cut.
  7. Send to Silhouette
    Follow the instructions in the Send slideshow to set up your machine, and then press the Send button when you’re ready to send your design.

How To Guides

Resource articles on how to use the Silhouette Go app can be found at the following links: