Silhouette Go does not currently include design tools to draw your own shapes, text, or other similar advanced features found in Silhouette Studio. We are, however, continuing to work on additional features for Silhouette Go, including design capabilities.

NOTE: Beta versions may include new design tools that are being tested. 

Current Available Features

Silhouette Go allows you to resize, rotate, ungroup, and duplicate designs. You can also of course select your material and cutting mat size along with your cut settings. 

Creating Custom Designs

Silhouette Go does not currently include any other design tools to create images or text from scratch.

For additional design tools, please use the Silhouette Studio desktop program. You can then transfer anything you've created in Silhouette Studio over to the Silhouette Go mobile app by saving the design to your library and making sure it is synced. Once you open your library in Silhouette Go, you will have access to these saved designs.