The Silhouette Alta® 3D printer includes a Filament Tube

Filament is fed into this tube so that it can be pulled through the 3D printer properly during the print job. The curved tube keeps filament from bending or kinking during operation, allowing easy feeding through the machine during your print job.

Loading Filament

To load filament into the outer feed tube:

  1. Place the filament spool on the top of the machine. When using loose filament that is not on a spool holder, first apply the included filament spool holder, then apply the filament to the spool holder
  2. Feed the end of the filament through the eye located on top of the machine
  3. Slide the end of the filament into either side of the tube until it has gone through and come out the other end
  4. Proceed to load the filament into the machine

Loading Video

Replacement Tubes

The Filament Tube generally does not require replacement. However, if the tube is lost or otherwise needs to be replaced, you can purchase one from