The following are optimal environmental conditions for operating the Silhouette Alta® 3D printer.

Room Temperature

We recommend using the Alta in a room that is between 15ºC/60ºF and 30ºC/85ºF to avoid problems that can impact print quality. 

In very hot environments, proper filament flow or shrinkage can be affected. A very cold environment can cause various problems such as warping, delamination, or cracking of the filament.


High humidity levels can damage the electronic components of the machine itself, but impacts the filament to a greater extent. We recommend not to exceed 50% relative humidity as an environmental condition when running the Alta and using filament. 

We recommend storing filament after use in a zip lock bag to prevent the negative impact of heightened humidity.


We recommend using the Alta and Alta+ in a room that is well ventilated. 

Proper air circulation around the machine prevents gasses from being emitted by the filament and accumulating during the printing process. Never cover the machine during use.