If the Silhouette 3D software program is crashing, either during launch or during use, we recommend to download and reinstall the latest version. This should typically resolve most concerns.

Clean Installation

If required, the following steps can be taken to uninstall and fully remove all components of Silhouette 3D software program. 

IMPORTANT: These steps will remove the library, including any non-recoverable user created designs. Back up any content you've created prior to performing these steps.


  1. Restart the Computer
  2. Select the Go menu at the top of the desktop
  3. Select the Applications option
  4. Drag ALL instances of Silhouette 3D to the Trash
  5. Open the Finder
  6. Press [Cmd]+[Shift]+G
  7. Type in ~/Library/Application Support
  8. Press Return
  9. Delete the folder com.silhouetteamerica.com.s3d
  10. Empty the Trash
  11. Restart the computer
  12. Download and install the latest version of Silhouette 3D


  1. Restart the Computer
  2. Press [Windows]+R simultaneously on keyboard
  3. In Run window type control panel
  4. Press Enter
  5. Select the option for Programs > Programs and Features
  6. Select Silhouette3D
  7. Select the option for Uninstall at the top of the list
  8. Press [Windows]+R simultaneously on keyboard
  9. In Run window type %programdata%
  10. Press Enter
  11. Delete the folder com.silhouetteamerica.com.s3d
  12. Empty the Recycle Bin
  13. Restart the computer
  14. Download and install the latest version of Silhouette 3D