Missing Lines

Files created in an upgraded edition of Silhouette Studio can be opened in the Basic Edition. 

However, any designs that include features not available to the Basic Edition will be removed from the file (e.g. Rhinestone or Sketch features using the Designer edition tools).

Unintended Dashed Lines

This issue indicates that protected Silhouette Design Store content has been included in an exported SVG file.

Please note that while the Silhouette Studio Business Edition does allow export of SVG file types, there is a restriction regarding content obtained from the Silhouette Design Store. Any content from the Silhouette Design Store will display in the exported file as dotted line segments.

If you wish to export this content to view it outside of Silhouette Studio, you will need to export as a JPG, PDF, or STUDIO file type. However, please note that a JPG or PDF will not include cut lines.