Silhouette Studio can be used to create regular "flat" designs that can then be sent to the Silhouette 3D software program to automatically convert them into 3D models.

Sending Designs to Silhouette 3D

NOTE: You will need to have both the latest version of Silhouette Studio and Silhouette 3D installed on your computer

To send designs from Silhouette Studio to Silhouette 3D:

  1. Open Silhouette Studio
  2. Go to the Page Settings panel (on right-hand side toolbar)

  3. Select 'Alta' as your machine

  4. Create your design in Silhouette Studio within the platform workspace provided

  5. Once your design is sized and placed as desired, click on the 'S3D' icon on the top bar in Silhouette Studio

  6. Silhouette 3D will automatically open and display the design transferred into 3D model format

  7. Adjust your 3D model in the Silhouette 3D software, as desired