If Silhouette Studio is freezing/crashing after using a specific software design tool, then that the operation is too complex, and the processor and/or graphics card on your computer is experiencing issues with executing the command. 

Simplifying the Design

Do the following to simplify the design in use:

  1. Open Silhouette Studio
  2. Open the file or design in question
  3. Right-click on the design
  4. Select to Release Compound Path
  5. Click off of the image
  6. Try to use the design tool operation again

'Trace and Detach' Issues

If you are using the Trace and Detach option, be advised that this should only be used when attempting to detach a basic raster image from a simple, white background. 

If the background of your imported image is complex, we would suggest using the Trace option instead to create the necessary desired cut lines.