Ocassionally, when a Silhouette machine is not connecting via USB to your PC, there may be a printer conflict.

Removing Unused/Old Printers

If you have a printer device listed that you no longer use or have access to, you can remove it as follows:

  1. Press the [Windows] key + R
  2. Type'control printers' into the 'Open' box
  3. Click 'OK'
  4. Right click on the unused/older device
  5. Select 'Remove Device'
  6. Select OK

NOTE: If the device duplicates, note the device and review it according to the information in the next section

Checking Current Printers for Conflicts

Port assignments of other devices can interfere with the Silhouette cutting machine's ability to connect. 

Investigate the port assignment for ALL of your current devices found under 'Devices and Printers' as follows:

  1. Right-click on the device
  2. Select 'Printer Properties' (different from 'Properties')
  3. Go to the Ports tab
  4. If the printer is assigned to a 'USB##' or 'WSD' port (checked box)
    • Note the current information
    • Select the 'FILE' port option
    • Click Apply
    • Click OK
      NOTE: Watch the Devices and Printers dialogue to ensure that the device does not duplicate after the port has been changed. If the device duplicates, note the device
  5. If the printer is assigned to a port other than 'USB###' or 'WSD' Port, do not make any adjustments
  6. Once ALL devices have been reviewed, restart the computer
  7. Go back to the 'Devices and Printers' window
  8. Confirm that Unused/Old Printers that were previously removed have not reappeared
  9. Confirm that the port assignment of each Current Printer has not reverted to a USB### or WSD setting
  10. Power on your Silhouette machine and connect it to the computer
  11. Open Silhouette Studio
  12. Go to the SEND panel
  13. Confirm the machine connection
  14. If the machine is properly connected, repeat steps 1 - 4 above, but revert the port assignments to their original ports, as available

If continued connectivity issues are encountered, review the information found under 'Silhouette Studio Can't Connect to Machine via USB'.