To locate what version of Silhouette Studio software you are currently running:

  1. Open Silhouette Studio
  2. Go to the Help menu (PC) or Silhouette Studio menu (Mac)
  3. Select 'About Silhouette Studio'
  4. The software version number will be listed as shown below
    NOTE: The letters after the numbers indicate which edition of the software you are running (i.e. 'ssbe' indicates 'Silhouette Studio Business Edition')

Software Version

Software Update

Updates are higher versions of the software that can introduce new features and/or bug fixes. Updating the software is free. 

All are encouraged to update the software as new versions are released, regardless of what edition you are running (Standard, Designer, Designer Plus, Business).

Updating the software does not remove any upgrades from the program. Updating your software version simply applies updates to the software and moves the program to a higher version with various new features and/or bug fixes.