This feature is included in the Business Edition of Silhouette Studio 
with detection of a connected Auto Sheet Feeder (any edition)

The Barcode Scanning feature allows you to scan specialized barcodes created by Silhouette Studio that are printed on your project.

When a barcode is printed, the Silhouette cutting machine can read the code with its optic scanner, and then proceed to find the project file and cut it out according to the original file setup.

This allows you to pre-print multiple jobs altogether, and then feed them into the Silhouette machine later on without worrying about file setup or cut settings adjustments. Just print now and the barcode will remember what your job needs to do whenever you're ready.


The Barcode Scanning feature Requires Portrait 2 (or higher) or Cameo 3 (or higher) Silhouette cutting machine model. 

Not compatible with other cutting machine systems.

How to Add Barcodes

To add a Silhouette barcodes to your printed project:

  1. Ensure your Silhouette cutting machine is connected to your computer
  2. Make sure you have an active internet connection
  3. Open Silhouette Studio
  4. Open the Page Setup Panel
  5. Select the Registration Marks tab
  6. Turn Registration Marks 'On'
  7. Check 'Enable Barcode on this design'
  8. Print your design
    Note: this will update the barcode with any changes you have made to the design

How to Use Barcodes

Once you have a barcode document:

  1. Load you printed design with the barcode onto your cutting mat
  2. Open Silhouette Studio
  3. Go to the SEND Panel
  4. Click the Barcode button (next to the 'Send' button)

Your Silhouette cutting machine will then scan the barcode and proceed to cut the design. 

Barcode Video