This feature is included in All Editions of Silhouette Studio 

When tracing imported images, the 'Trace' or 'Trace Outer Edge' options are most often used in order to create cut lines. However, you may not want to trace and use all parts of an imported image. 

The 'Trace and Detach' option is a special option that removes print images from their original background. 

This allows you to work with individual portions of an image rather than having to print and use the entire original design.

How to Trace and Detach

To use the Trace and Detach feature:

  1. Open Silhouette Studio
  2. Open your print image
  3. Go to the Trace panel
  4. Click 'Select Trace Area'
  5. Draw the trace area around the desired part of the image. As needed, resize the trace area so that your desired part of the image is fully enclosed in the trace area.
    NOTE: Don't worry if your trace area overlaps onto unintended portions of the image
  6. If your design is does not have the yellow trace preview around all parts of the intended image you're wanting to detach, increase the 'Threshold' value until the design is fully traced to the outer-most edges.
  7. Click on 'Trace and Detach'
     If your image is very large or overly complex, this action can take a few minutes
  8. Click and move the detached image off to the side of the original image
  9. Delete the original image background

This action to Trace and Detach a portion of an imported image will create a cut line around the outside of the newly detached image.