This feature is included in All Editions of Silhouette Studio

Some digital content is offered as a collection of various images or related parts to assemble. 

The actual file with cut lines may display the parts of the design separately, but have them all grouped together in the same file.

In these instances, you do not have to cut out the entire job with all design parts from the same sheet of material. You can work with only select portions of the design to be cut individually on specific material colors by using the 'Ungroup' feature.

NOTE: The following only pertains to cut-line content. Click here instead if you're working with Print & Cut designs.


To ungroup designs:

  1. Select your design once it has been sized as desired
  2. Right-click on your design and select 'Ungroup'
  3. Click to the side of the selected design in order to unselect it
  4. Click on any individual design part to work with it
    NOTE: If the 'Ungroup' action does not allow you to work with a smaller design portion, you may need to use the 'Release Compound Path' feature instead.


If you'd like to group designs together in order to move and manipulate design parts together:

  1. Select two or more design parts that are not currently together
    NOTE: Make sure that the relative positioning of the selected design parts to each other is to your liking
  2. Right-click and select 'Group'