If you have saved a Studio file containing text created with the Text tool in Silhouette Studio and opened the file on another computer to find the font style is not displayed correctly, this indicates that the original font used is not yet installed on the computer trying to open the file.

As the file is opened, the software will locate and display the text in the originally defined font style. If the defined font style is not found installed on the computer in use, the software will resort to displaying the text in the first font style it finds on that computer, which is usually Arial or another basic system font.

EXAMPLE: Person A has 'Specific' font installed on their computer. They create a Studio document with text saying "Thank You" in 'Specific' font. Person B does not have 'Specific' font installed on their computer. If Person A sends a saved copy of the created Studio file to Person B, the text style in the document would revert to 'Arial' or another standard system font that the software can find on Person B's computer.

Installing Fonts

The best resolution for this issue is to install the font onto the target computer where the file is being accessed. 
You can find instructions on how to install fonts below:

Once your font style is installed on the target computer, you should be able to open the file with the expected font style displayed properly.

Converting Text to Image

If the original font style cannot be installed on the target computer, you can convert the text in the original file into an image so that it is displayed in the desired font style.

To convert text to image:

  1. Select your text that is in the desired font style
  2. Right-click
  3. Select 'Convert to Path'

NOTE: Once the text is converted into an image, it can no longer be edited with the Text tools.