In order to maneuver the Rotary Blade for specific types of curves or cuts, the Silhouette Studio software inserts curves—often referred to as loops and hooks — into your design.

These additional curved lines do not cut all the way through the material and are placed away from the design. The Rotary Blade will lift and move to these marked areas and press down to swivel the direction of the blade. The Rotary Blade will then move over to the design and proceed to cut in the correct orientation. 

The SEND panel in Silhouette Studio will provide a preview of your cut lines. A typical preview when using other blades or tools will display as follows:

When using the Rotary Blade, you will see the additional curves added in automatically:

These actions are necessary to help reorient the Rotary Blade when it needs to move in a different direction to complete the cut. 

Reducing Loop Impact

You can adjust the Loop settings as follows:

  1. Set up your job
  2. Go to Send
  3. Select your material and cut settings
  4. Click on the "More" button next to the material settings

If your cut-out designs have cuts made into parts of them, you may be able to adjust the Loop settings to reduce the impact of the curves by decreasing the "Loop Force" and/or increasing the "Loop Blade Height".

WARNING: Adjusting these settings for select designs may impact cutting quality and/or the ability to cut the designs properly.